REVIEW – The Midnight Star by Marie Lu (The Young Elites #3)

The Midnight Star by Marie Lu (The Young Elites #3)


Now Adelina has everything that she has ever wanted, her reign over pretty much everything has been triumphant but her cruelty has only grown. Only Magiano keeps her anchored down so she does not spiral into madness. A dark power comes across the land and all of the marked can feel it. Now, she is forced to revisit everything she left behind and has to trust the people who made her life horrible. Will she really trust them? What will become of her now?

(Sorry about that bad synopsis, I don’t know what to write without giving it all away)

First things first, in the second book I said that ‘the main character got so out of hand and she was pretty annoying’. I literally want to throw that review away after reading this book. Adelina’s story was even more amazing in this book (Comparing to the first) and even though she was a tiny bit annoying at the start she got better. I felt like she changed once again, at some parts, back to what she was in the first book (Though not as innocent). I liked this change making me love the character even more.

This brings me back to Magiano. Oh my! I am so glad he was here… He kept Adelina from going mad, he loved her and cherished her. In their moments together I would forget that she was ‘evil’ and look at them like they were the most normal couple ever. Their story together broke my heart (NOT TELLING).

The book was a little short; a total of 316 pages which is way less than the previous book (398 pages, The Rose Society). I felt that it was a tiny bit rushed and a tiny bit short but it was still good enough to keep me hooked. I also would have liked to see how much she was struggling, yes, we saw how she hid the voices in her head but I just didn’t get the feeling that that part of her was not explained.

Of course, the cover is be-a-u-tiful but I am not entirely sure it ‘matches’ the others. I know that it relates to the end of the book but I wasn’t liking it at the start.

THE END OF THE BOOK was a complete shocker. It was something that I never thought would happen. Ever. I almost burst into tears. Over these 316 pages, I hadn’t realised I had gotten SO attached to Adelina that I didn’t see it coming. Marie Lu, you have officially killed me. Thank you for a great trilogy.

I rate this book a *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 out of 5 stars!

Thank you!

I am probably the worst person in the world for not posting and all I can say is sorry.



BOOK RECOMMENDATION- Frost Arch by Kate Bloomfield


Frost Arch by Kate Bloomfield

(#1 The Fire Mage Trilogy)

Genre:  Fantasy

Synopsis: In a future where ignorance has destroyed the world that we know, humans are slaves and Mages – advanced beings with abilities beyond everyday reach – rule the land.
Avalon is one such Mage. Barely eighteen years of age, she wields the gift of fire yet she is unable to control it. She leaves her family in the dead of night and heads to the city of Frost Arch, her future seemingly grim. Will Avalon be able to overcome the trials that befall her? Will she be able to save the ones she loves and stay strong within herself? // Goodreads Link

What I think:

  • Good but has a few typos.
  • Interesting story.
  • Good for younger people (I read this when I was around 11)
  • Characters really interesting.
  • A bit slow but gets there as the story goes on.

As some of you know, some sad things have happened in my life, so I decided to take a few weeks off from blogging. Instead of my normal reviews I will just be posting book recommendations which will be sweet and short. I apologise for not posting these last two weeks, I hope you forgive me!




REVIEW- Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas (Throne of Glass #2)

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas (Throne of Glass #2)


Celaena continues her journey to save herself and the people around her, she’s now won the contest and is now the Kings assassin. But she is far from loyal to the king and does whatever she can to hide it from him. If it is ever revealed all hell would break loose and everything she loved would be taken from her, again.

This book was a huge step up from the first book, we got to see more of who she was and where she came from (Well sort of) plus all the things she did in the past that made her end up in Endovier the salt mine. It wasn’t nearly as boring and made sure you got to see some action and killing because that’s what we were dying for right?

After opening this book, I was scared that I wasn’t going to like it. The first book was a bore so why should the books get better and better? THEY GOT BETTER! LIKE WAY BETTER! I was surprised… It was like that Sarah J Maas took every critique and made the perfect book.


The plot was amazing and the characters got even better. The improvement in the character development was great and made each and everyone of the characters more bad ass. Look at what Dorian can do! And Celaena who went from drama queen to amazing assassin who could kill anyone. Her dark side was revealed and her story gobbled everyone up like we were food.

Though, she doesn’t reveal who she is until the very last sentence in the book, I couldn’t help guessing who she was. After all, it was quite obvious. Finding out who she actually was made me go ‘Wha- NO! She can’t be? Can she?’. I was so surprised. You will be too.


This book was full of fun and excitement, I couldn’t put it down (I had school so I had to) but on weekends and on afternoons, I just sat and read, staying up late to read it. I say if you didn’t like the first book give this one a shot. I didn’t bother re-reading the whole first book (The last few pages filled me in on things I should know.) CROWN OF MIDNIGHT IS GREAT!!

I rate this book a 🌟🌟🌟🌟 out of five stars!


Top 3 Novels Turned Into Films

Yes, novels turned into films. I had to come to it because it is such a touchy subject between all fandoms, the makers do it right or wrong. There is no in between. For example I have read all three Divergent novels and when I got to the movies I’ve watched 1,2 and 3. The first two were okay but the last one made me think horribly of what they’ll do to the last film. (Which has now been cancelled apparently)

1. Cirque Du Freak (1, 2 & 3 from the Cirque Du Freak series)

Although this movie isn’t very accurate, I enjoyed it so much and that’s what got me into the book series. I liked how the actors portrayed each and every one of the character, the plot of the movie was exciting and I just really liked it. I’m not going to bother about how accurate it was, just how GOOD it was done. Some people may say, no it was horrible. This is about my opinions.You can put yours in the comments below. Tell me if you liked it, even if the movie related nothing to the story line.


2.The Host

The reason I put this book/movie into this list is because even though the movie had some different aspects to it than the book I still really enjoyed it. The base of Melanie’s story was still there and I genuinely loved the character from the movie and the book no matter how I originally imagined them.


3. Outlander

So most of you will say “ITS NOT A MOVIE” but it is one of the best tv shows in the whole world. If you get a chance to check it out, GO! Read the books too! I loved this tv show and the books to bits. Its pretty accurate (I think.) and the characters are portrayed amazingly. The scenes/set are beautiful and I would not do anything different. It transports you to the past and drags you into a world where you just can’t get enough of.BeFunky Collage- OUTLANDER.jpg


Here comes the end of the post! I hope you enjoyed! Ohh an extra post this week! How exciting! I actually got three posts done today (Tuesday). Please comment about your favourite book to film/tv show adaptions!


REVIEW- A Living Nightmare by Darren Shan (Cirque du Freak #1)

A Living Nightmare by Darren Shan (Cirque du Freak #1)


Who knew going to a freak show would cause so much trouble? Darren didn’t. Now caught up in a mess only one person can fix, well, not really fix but make things worse for everyone. All because a stupid spider caught his eye. This path leads him into the mysterious dark world of vampires. A world that he will never escape from.

I watched the movie on Netflix first and it caught my interest. I didn’t think it was going to be so good that I would want to read the books, I read the first two yesterday and then the third today. It was like they drew me in…


The book was an easy read as I got it finished so quickly (It’s also a children’s book) but I loved it, the characters were so intriguing and it was such a unique concept for a book. Who knew a book about vampires and a freak show would be so interesting?

Be prepared for an all male cast of characters but I found that I wasn’t specifically needing any females in this book. I was happy with it. I was too concentrated on the plot and what was happening. The twists and turns of the myths of vampires were mainly pointed to boys but that doesn’t stop us girls does it? (The gif is a joke, it’s not sexist)


By the end of the book things are left open (Probably preparing you for the next 11 books) but not on that cliff hanger type way that we all hate. I must say it keeps you going with the series. I thought that I would stop on the first book but no. I spent till midnight reading the second book.


I quite liked this book and I think that it would be good for kids to read, if they are into vampires and things. It’s different to anything I’ve read before and definitely pulls you in from the first word.

I rate this book a 🌟🌟🌟🌟 out of five stars!


REVIEW- Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas (#1)

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas


At times of hardship one must stand against the person that destroyed everything that everyone had ever loved. Celaena is an assassin who had just served a year at Endovier for her crimes, she hoped to die there but is dragged out by the Crown Prince of Adarlan. Freedom is offered but there is one condition; that she must compete to be the kings new royal assassin and win.

So, after about a month I finished this book. I was told the next books were better (Which is so true). At first I wasn’t really involved but I guessed that this book was only to introduce the main characters and set the story up. It was good in those terms but I just felt like I needed more than what I got.


I mean I loved Celaena but most of the other characters spiraled off into a pit of boringness (Is that a word?). We started by meeting Celaena in Endovier which I went ‘Ok. I can work with this’ then I got to when they were in the castle and went ‘Not much deadly assassin stuff’ but you know, I got through it. The end making the second book seem much better. To set up an amazing story, I guess you do need to have a long introduction BUT make it more interesting! People aren’t going to stick around if its boring!

At this point I was starting to think I should DNF it but I didn’t. It was good that I didn’t stop because as I got through it the characters got more and more interesting such as Dorian being the most amazing prince who didn’t want to be a prince and Chaol, the captain of the royal guard. I was intrigued by this one.


Once again, the descriptions, I always love the descriptions. I liked the scenes such as in Endovier, Rifthold, the castle and especially the gardens. PLUS the fact that Celaena loved reading books! I like her just for that…

There was also heaps of action and mystery! This part of the book was pretty good…

This was the book I put down in February and didn’t pick it back up until I bought the second book like last week. I read the last pages and jumped straight into the second book. Don’t put down a series because the first book wasn’t that good. Give it a chance. I’m 3/4 of the way through Heir of Fire right now. ITS AMAZING.



I rate this book a 🌟🌟🌟.5 out of five.


My latest addiction – Heroes

WARNING – TV show appropriate for audiences 15+

So my latest addiction is Heroes! The best TV show on all of Netflix (Yes, I am that type of person to just sit and watch Netflix all day on the weekend when I am supposed to be doing something else).

Before you ask what Heroes is. Here: (Before you quit watching just be aware that the girl jumping from the tower does not die. Watch and see!)


It has the most amazing characters of all time, Hiro is my all time favourite.He wants to do whats right but always does everything wrong (Except for the last thing in the series). At first he is the cutest Japanese person who see’s the best in everyone even the evil people and he always thinks positively (The exact opposite of me), plus he is so inspiring. I almost wish there was a book written about him. (Look at him, isn’t he cuuutttee).

Noah Bennet is the most annoying person on this show. Is he good? Is he bad? I still can’t tell halfway through season 2.  Claire Bennet, I hardly know what to think of her except that she is an immature child who doesn’t know anything about keeping things secret. She doesn’t take the advice of anyone!

Peter is an amazing character, he has the coolest power and his story line is so amazing. It’s very different and unique compared to the others who just live normal lives. He knows somethings up… Thats so coooool…


The overall story line is just so amazing and sometimes I can’t believe that someone wrote this… It keeps you hanging on on every single second (That’s why I binge watched it in a week, unlimited wifi (If that’s what you call it)).

SO WATCH HEROES! Its really really good! It is appropriate for 14-16+ who can take blood and gore (M & MA15+)