Top 3 Favourite Characters

So as the title says it’s my ‘favourite’ characters from books I’ve read now and in the past. AKA the most amazing characters I have read about.

1. Magnus Bane (The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices & The Bane Chronicles)

Yes, everyone has heard of this character and most book bloggers have probably read one (Maybe all) of these series. Magnus Bane is the most amazing character as he has such a back story compared to other characters in all three series.

Magnus has such a personality and when you read about him you always want to know more, he can also suck you in with his sassyness and charm. Magnus is currently the only character to be in every one of Cassandra Clares series’. He is also in the new Shadowhunter series that recently came out. He is so cute! I can get why Alec love him. Seriously you should go read something with Magnus Bane in it. HE’S AMAZING.


2. Theodore Finch (All The Bright Places)

So, this was the book I was talking about in one of my previous reviews (Like last review) and I couldn’t stop telling you how much I loved the book. Theodore Finch was definitely the strongest written character in the book. He touched my heart and never stopped touching my heart. When it was the end of the book I literally cried my eyes out so much.

Finch is the odd yet  funny, caring and charming main character (One of two) who only seems to make Violet happy. Wouldn’t we just love someone like that in our lives? I hate the fact he wanted to die from the start something good kept stopping him though. If I was one of his friends I would have tried to stop him, comfort him and tell him that life was worth living. I’d become that good thing that stopped him. (Lets face it, that will never happen). The most (Second most)  amazing character I have read about.



3. Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles)

Cinder can get through anything. She is such a bad ass character and loves Kai. Who doesn’t love Kai? He is so adorable… BUT Cinder… You can’t get over how amazingly practical she is in really bad situations. Especially with Queen (Or not so Queen) Levana. That evil —-. Uh. Yeah. Continuing. She knows how to fix things and doesn’t even know who she is or where she came from (Thats why there is 4 books. Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Winter).

A gifted mechanic and a CYBORG. What more can you ask for when its a Cinderella re-telling? Oh! Thats right! Set in New Beijing sometime in the Third Era (Way in the future, trust me. We’ll all be dead by the time that date comes along. Unless Cryogenic freezing is on the list for inventions in the next 20 years). Cinder is just a big mystery for me right until the end of the series. An amazing mystery at that.



Thanks for reading! Remember to be back for more Top 3’s soon! 



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