My latest addiction – Heroes

WARNING – TV show appropriate for audiences 15+

So my latest addiction is Heroes! The best TV show on all of Netflix (Yes, I am that type of person to just sit and watch Netflix all day on the weekend when I am supposed to be doing something else).

Before you ask what Heroes is. Here: (Before you quit watching just be aware that the girl jumping from the tower does not die. Watch and see!)


It has the most amazing characters of all time, Hiro is my all time favourite.He wants to do whats right but always does everything wrong (Except for the last thing in the series). At first he is the cutest Japanese person who see’s the best in everyone even the evil people and he always thinks positively (The exact opposite of me), plus he is so inspiring. I almost wish there was a book written about him. (Look at him, isn’t he cuuutttee).

Noah Bennet is the most annoying person on this show. Is he good? Is he bad? I still can’t tell halfway through season 2.  Claire Bennet, I hardly know what to think of her except that she is an immature child who doesn’t know anything about keeping things secret. She doesn’t take the advice of anyone!

Peter is an amazing character, he has the coolest power and his story line is so amazing. It’s very different and unique compared to the others who just live normal lives. He knows somethings up… Thats so coooool…


The overall story line is just so amazing and sometimes I can’t believe that someone wrote this… It keeps you hanging on on every single second (That’s why I binge watched it in a week, unlimited wifi (If that’s what you call it)).

SO WATCH HEROES! Its really really good! It is appropriate for 14-16+ who can take blood and gore (M & MA15+)





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