REVIEW- Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas (#1)

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas


At times of hardship one must stand against the person that destroyed everything that everyone had ever loved. Celaena is an assassin who had just served a year at Endovier for her crimes, she hoped to die there but is dragged out by the Crown Prince of Adarlan. Freedom is offered but there is one condition; that she must compete to be the kings new royal assassin and win.

So, after about a month I finished this book. I was told the next books were better (Which is so true). At first I wasn’t really involved but I guessed that this book was only to introduce the main characters and set the story up. It was good in those terms but I just felt like I needed more than what I got.


I mean I loved Celaena but most of the other characters spiraled off into a pit of boringness (Is that a word?). We started by meeting Celaena in Endovier which I went ‘Ok. I can work with this’ then I got to when they were in the castle and went ‘Not much deadly assassin stuff’ but you know, I got through it. The end making the second book seem much better. To set up an amazing story, I guess you do need to have a long introduction BUT make it more interesting! People aren’t going to stick around if its boring!

At this point I was starting to think I should DNF it but I didn’t. It was good that I didn’t stop because as I got through it the characters got more and more interesting such as Dorian being the most amazing prince who didn’t want to be a prince and Chaol, the captain of the royal guard. I was intrigued by this one.


Once again, the descriptions, I always love the descriptions. I liked the scenes such as in Endovier, Rifthold, the castle and especially the gardens. PLUS the fact that Celaena loved reading books! I like her just for that…

There was also heaps of action and mystery! This part of the book was pretty good…

This was the book I put down in February and didn’t pick it back up until I bought the second book like last week. I read the last pages and jumped straight into the second book. Don’t put down a series because the first book wasn’t that good. Give it a chance. I’m 3/4 of the way through Heir of Fire right now. ITS AMAZING.



I rate this book a šŸŒŸšŸŒŸšŸŒŸ.5 out of five.



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