Hi! Athena here! This is my personal page where I will be posting stuff about my life and things I am interested in! Like piano, singing, art, graphics, engineering, architecture and stuff like that. OH! My favourite books and my book shelf may be included!




HIIII EXAMS ARE FINISHED AS OF LAST FRIDAY AND I AM SO SORRY ABOUT NOT POSTING LAST WEEK! It will be my half yearlys until I am a senior (Year 11)! Oh my! So scary! But anyway hope your all having a good week!



HELLO WORLD! As you may have seen I just started posting again… So I’ll have to see what days I post to whether I have a schedule or not… What do you think? My organisation has gone crazy… I am not organised one bit. I have a science and geography assessment due week 3 and 4 next term, I’ve only got one week left of holidays (A little less than that) and I don’t want to go back to school… Is that a surprise?




Me on my first day of school:

I remember on the first day of my NEW school last year we had an assembly that took five million years. My foot fell asleep and escaped my notice (I wonder how! Hehehe) and when the assembly finally ended, I went to get up and I fell over. ON PEOPLE! It was terrible >.< and it was a NEW school so it was soo embarrassing. None of my friends were in my roll so none of them were near me at the time >.<

First days of school each term are my nightmare. Especially when the new school year is about to start. (Luckily one of my friends in in the same roll call now). Oh Mio. I’m just like you >.<

Mio Akiyama is in the gif… btw…

*Coming Soon*